Conservative Republicans of Harris County

National Latino Peace Officers Association/Southeast Harris County Chapter

"This endorsement is based on your extensive experience as a prosecutor with the Harris County District Attorney’s Office.  You have displayed an overwhelming support for not only police officers but also citizens of Harris County.  Your actions and decisions have been based on fairness, the law and not ethnicity.  The Latino Peace Officers Association is eager to work with you during your campaign and when you are elected as Judge of the Harris County Criminal Court at Law #13."
Signed Ramón Garivey, Southeast Harris County Chapter - President

Pasadena Police Officer's Union

"The Political Action Committee and Board of Directors of the Pasadena Police Officer's Union, who represent over 200 members of the Pasadena Police Department, endorse and support Don Smyth for County Criminal Court at Law #13."
Signed James Zink, PAC Chairman  and E.R. Rogge, President PPOU

Association of Women Attorneys

United Republicans of Harris County

Houston Police Patrolmen's Union, Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 109

Kathy Haigler - RPT Secretary; Precinct Chair #704

Larry Bush - Senatorial District 7, Chairman; Precinct Chair #641

Valoree Swanson - Senatorial District 7, SREC Committeewoman; Precinct Chair #552

Sheryl Berg - Senatorial District 11, Chairwoman & SREC Committeewoman; Precinct Chair #92

Norma Powell, Precinct Chair #177

Materesa Saldierna, Precinct Chair #301

Ruben Rosas, Precinct Chair #64

Vincent Gonzales, Precinct Chair #497

Charles Pehl, Precinct Chair #462

Judith Jones, Precinct Chair #287

Bonnie Lugo - Senatorial District 13, SREC Committeewoman; Precinct Chair #223

Rex Lamb - Senatorial District 13, SREC Committeeman; Precinct Chair #541

Robert H. Marshall, Precinct Chair #281

Raul Salas, Precinct Chair #52

Dianne Williams, Precinct Chair #600

Norma Jeter - Senatorial District 7; Texas Tea Party Republican Women

C Club


Don Smyth won the February 13, 2010 TEA PARTY STRAW POLL in a "head-to-head" competition with his Republican opponent by 22.6% of the vote (130 to 82).

Although the Judicial Candidate Qualification Questionnaire is not an endorsement by the Houston Bar Association, Don Smyth received more votes as “Qualified” or “Well Qualified” than any other candidate, Republican or Democrat, for Judge, County Criminal Court at Law #13. In fact Don Smyth was rated as more “Well Qualified” than his Republican opponent by more than 2-to-1 (227 to 93).