For almost 33 years I have had the pleasure of serving the citizens of Harris County as an Assistant District Attorney. As an Assistant District Attorney, I am one of the very few lawyers in the county who have had the opportunity to stand up for and represent the victims of crime. While everybody else could only talk about crime, I had the opportunity to do something about crime one case at a time. I was never asked to do anything more than “the right thing for the right reason". I have tried in every case to see that the community is protected, the victim receives justice and the offender is held accountable for his conduct. I believe that actions should have appropriate consequences.

In Harris County our Criminal Courts at Law are responsible for the disposition of misdemeanor cases such as DWI, less serious drug possession, theft and assault cases for which the maximum penalty established by law is generally one (1) year confinement in jail and a $4,000.00 fine.

I am now ready to continue serving the community as Judge of County Criminal Court at Law #13.

Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you that I am fair, firm and honest. I will bring my EXPERIENCE, INTEGRITY and COMMITMENT to COUNTY CRIMINAL COURT AT LAW #13.

Please evaluate my record of service and VOTE FOR DON SMYTH, Republican for JUDGE of COUNTY CRIMINAL COURT AT LAW #13 in the Republican Primary on MARCH 2, 2010 and in the General Election on NOVEMBER 2, 2010.